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ZS February Challenge


For the month of February, we challenge you to dig deep into discovering the elements of LOVE. Love for yourself, for family, friends + even love to others we may not know through random acts of kindness + energetic vibrations. In this challenge, we hope you discover a deeper awareness on how love is or can be expressed within you and through you. Through the practice of movement, breath work, meditation, release of negative energy, unity between positive energies, and the connection between the mind + body + soul, not only will you feel better in your own skin but you will also learn to have a deeper appreciation for love. Throughout the challenge, you will face uncomfortable situations, you will feel uninspired and maybe even feel like quitting. DON’T. Remember that on the other side of discomfort comes growth + clarity. Push through your setbacks, get out of your mind + into your heart. Remember to be patient with yourself + love yourself purely. When in doubt- mantra it out! Mantra of the month to help you push through any setbacks:  Nothing But LOVE

Here’s the scoop for your 28 days of NOTHING BUT LOVE challenge!

  • Instagram + Studio Challenge: 1 Grand Prize winner, 2nd + 3rd prize winners
    • Must participate on Instagram to win grand prize. Can be entered in challenge for 2nd + 3rd winner if you choose to not participate on IG
    • Keep track of classes, points, etc. on challenge board located in studio
  • Mark each class you attend on the challenge board with an X
  • Place a HEART sticker on days you complete a double or triple class!
  • Complete daily challenges given with a pic + post on IG.

*Post must include what is asked on the challenge of the day. Posts DO NOT have to be long but try to allow yourself to dig deep, grow through your vulnerability + express what you feel in the moment- remember, nothing but love!!

  • MUST TAG the following handles on each post @ZenSoulStudio @Lindsaycruz @mmmSteph *MUST TAG instructor of class taken when posting. For example, on Wednesday nights tag @ZenSoulStudio  @Lindsaycruz @mmmSteph AND @dat_tribe_life

Bonus Points:  

  • Bring a NEW FRIEND for $5 and receive double points. Place heart sticker (located in studio challenge board) on each class you bring a friend!

***First time students only, 1 student per class, 1 time per student

  • The more classes attended, the more points earned!
  • Post a ZENFAM group pic on days marked for extra points! Group can be 2 or more people.

Good luck + enjoy discovering a new found meaning on LOVE for yourself + life + those around you.