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Pink Full Moon+Blacklight Buti+The Thirst Project                                                            Tuesday April 4th, 2017

Join Stephanie+Lindsay in a Blacklight Buti Class honoring the Pink Full Moon+The thirst Project!

The thirst Project is the worlds largest youth water organization focusing on providing clean water to various communities, fostering a socially-conscious generation of young people who end the global water crisis as well as educating students on how to be active in assisting with clean water projects all over the world.
Zen Soul Studio will be contributing to this amazing cause by hosting a $20 Blacklight Buti Yoga class and extending all proceeds to The thirst Project!

Class will start at 6:30p. Please wear all white or pink clothes+bring your mat+water+$20!
Wine+ZS Tribe gathering after class!
We hope to see you there!

Check out the The thirst Project site for more information and learn how you can continue your contribution.