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You know that feeling you get when your in class and you see everyone else getting upside down on their hands or in arm balances? That feeling of uncertainty or fear. Ya, we feel ya. Here’s the good news- FEAR can be OVERCOME. All we need is a little guidance and faith!

Join Eazy Sunday, Feb. 11th 2-4p as he guides you through moving past your fears, provides you with drills + tools to help get you upside down. This workshop will also include Eazy’s Handstand 101 e-Book that will offer continuous at-home guidance so that you can continue to practice your arm balances + strength building in the comfort of your home!

Further details:

Sunday 2-4p

$35 CASH ONLY at the door- includes e-Book

Bring mat + water

#CitiZEN members receive $5 off workshop!

Stay for Yin-Yoga with Kenzie at 430p- rest your bones + reset your body after the workshop!

*Please do not eat heavy or spicy meals at least an hour prior to the workshop.